I am proud to support both of these wonderful organizations, without them the art of Lutherie would still be in the dark ages.
A.S.I.A. http://asiartisans.org
G.A.L. http://www.luth.org The Guild of American Luthiers

The following is a list of products I like and use on a regular basis. I do not sell these products nor do I receive any compensation for their endorsement.

I use and recommend D’addario strings. I install the light phosphor-bronze (# EJ-16) on all new guitars as a standard. You may use any D’addario acoustic string set on my guitars with confidence as long as gauges no higher than medium are used. D’addario

I have used Ken Smith polish on my personal instruments for years. It works great on any finish, but I only use it on lacquered instruments myself. Ken Smith Polish

For my French Polish finishes I much prefer a more traditional product. I use Butchers Boston Polish, but any high quality furniture wax will do nicely. Butchers does not have a web page but their Boston polish is readily available from several online retailers.

A few words on my French polish finish and its care. I use only natural shellac, not the de-waxed variety as most others. The wax in the shellac allows it to really bond with a high quality furniture wax. The wax forms a renewable wear coating that nourishes and protects the finish by repelling moisture and absorbing minor abrasions and scuffs. Do not use floor waxes as they are too soft. Wax also enhances the beauty of the instrument, helping it develop a wonderful, natural patina. Your instrument will already have a good base of Boston Polish on it when you receive it. Fingerprints and smudges should be able to be lightly buffed out. When that is no longer the case it is time for another coat of wax. Apply a THIN coat with a damp piece of clean cotton cloth. Never use steel wool to apply wax to your instrument. If you see anything more than a haze of wax form as you apply, you are applying to much. Only wax the finished surfaces. Let it dry a few minutes and buff to a shine with a clean cloth.

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